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The Complete Ultimate Training For Cabin Crew:

1- In this topic you will learn:



  • Safety and security are at the heart of any airline, no airline can operate without these them, they are the O2 of the airline industry, our teachers will give you the full understanding about the Emergency equipment, Standard operating procedure and all in-flight Emergencies.
  • By the end of this course you will learn about the different situations and dangers an airline might face and how they deal with them and what equipment can be used for each situation

2- In this topic you will learn about:

  • Have you ever wondered about the difference between an Airbus aircraft and Boeing aircraft? Have you ever wondered about their features and systems? Working onboard can be a fun learning experience from the advanced technologies of these airplanes like oxygen system, How system alarm works.
  • Our team of professionals from different airlines will give you a full understanding about these aircrafts, and by the end of this topic you will acquire all the knowledge you need as cabin crew.

3- In this topic you will learn about:


  • Having to deal with a medical situation onboard an aircraft can be frightening to many cabin crew, It requires quick thinking, communication, knowledge and coordination between crew members because every action counts and every second can be crucial part of saving someone’s life.
  • This course will give you the full theoretical knowledge on how to give immediate assistance to any passenger suffering from either a minor or serious injury or illness to preserve life and prevent the condition from worsening.
  • Our professional teacher will teach you about the human body anatomy, how to deal with different situations and how to manage them.
  • Also for your information, by completing this first aid course does not mean you are licensed to act during life threatening situation of any kind, this course simply gives you the full understanding of how to deal with different situations onboard an airplane but Crewpedia does not provide you with any protection from liability, for more info check the laws and regulations in your home country or contact your local health association.

4- In this topic you will learn about:

  • Working onboard an aircraft with 300+ Passengers can be challenging, it requires soft skills that are crucial part of your success at the workplace, It requires lot of patience when you are busy completing a task while passengers are asking for something else, this course will prepare you deal with different challenges, it will give you the full understanding on how to manage yourself and customers around you.

5- In this topic you will learn about:

  • Have you ever thought to yourself, Why does selling come so naturally to some, but seem almost impossible for others? Guess what? the lack of success that most people encounter with selling has nothing to do with being an introvert or an extrovert, but instead is simply the absence of learning a few basic principles. Lot of people face the same challenge! Having to sell something does not have to cause you discomfort and fear. Not only can selling be something that you enjoy, it can be a highly profitable activity for your airlines and yourself. 
  • Our sales professional teachers  will Change your perspective to believe in you and teach you hidden techniques on how to sell duty free which will not be taught in any business schools.

After completing your training:

  • You will get 5 certificates which includes Safety/Security, Aircraft types B777/Airbus, First aid, Customer service and Duty free.
  • It may be a surprise to some but after completing your training, Crewpedia will connect you to Cabin crew and other airline jobs, Crewpedia’s team of professionals will open a new door of job opportunities for 2 years and for free to our students.

The Complete Ultimate Training For Cabin Crew:

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