Emergency equipment:

Emergency equipment on most of airline airplane consist of the following:

1 -PBE.

2- Fire extinguisher.

3- Fire sock.

4- Emergency flashlight.

5- Crash axe.

6- POB.

7- Manual release tool.

8- Child restraint devices and extension seat belts.

9-  Baby bassinet.

10- Adult life jacket.

11- Infant life jacket

12- Infant life cot

13- Manual demonstration kit

14- Megaphone

15- Survival kit

16- Digital signalling device

17- Signalling device



What you’ll learn:

  • about different types of Aircraft Emergency Equipment used in most of the airlines.
  • Role each equipment plays in aircraft during an emergency situation and the particular nature of support provided by each equipment.
  • Basic understanding of how each equipment works, what are its major components.
  • How all Emergency Equipment work together in an emergency situation.


Do you know there are many emergency equipment that cabin crew use in case of fire, decompression or survival situation, in this course you will have the full knowledge about these equipment, we will take you step by step until you feel confident about the description, the pre-flight check, operation and features.

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