The ultimate and complete training for the future cabin crew

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The Crewpedia’s goal and objective are to help students get the job of their dreams. We will continuously try to keep you informed about the global job opportunities around the world. Your success is our goal and mission; that is why we will strategically spend an enormous time and effort providing you with all the details and features that will help you succeed.

The modern-day cabin crew needs to have a broad understanding of an aircraft’s functions and various challenges, from an emergency or medical situation to dealing with complaints, to effectively meet the airline’s objectives and goals.

Crewpedia’s distance learning offers an excellent opportunity to develop on a professional level truly. You can push your career chances massively through practice and flexible-oriented study. That’s why crewpedia designs courses to be as flexible and innovative as possible without sacrificing the very high Crewpedia quality.



Your career is our passion.

The programme is composed of the following modules and a dissertation:
– Understanding the basics of aircraft types, Different Emergency equipment, and inflight emergencies that the cabin crew should be familiar with; learn Standard operating procedures compiled by an airline to help the cabin crew carry out routine operations.

– First aid, You will learn about the human anatomy, understand symptoms and signs of different medical situations, and give immediate assistance to a passenger suffering from either minor or severe illness and injuries to prevent the condition from worsening and preserving life.

– The cabin crew job can be challenging. Learning how to deal with the various complaints and difficulties from customers and colleagues can help the cabin crew.

– We will provide you with all of the stepping stones towards success on the cabin crew assessment.

Programme duration:
The course duration is more than 60 hours, from a minimum of 1 year to a maximum of 14 months, and our team of experts will deliver it on a part-time basis, every Saturday.

Programme benefits:
Connect you to new job opportunities globally.
We will prepare you to be strategic and qualified to pass the cabin crew assessment.
You will have full theoretical knowledge about the cabin crew’s job.
You will get your certified Crewpedia’s cabin crew license.


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