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Do you want to be a cabin crew and travel the world? Have you ever wondered what happens to an aircraft during fire or decompression situation at 40000 ft? Have you ever been interested in learning about Aircraft types and their features? Then, this course is right for you, we dare to deliver an experience like no other. We are the world’s leading Cabin Crew Academy, we give our students the guidance, We provide full explanations of each concepts that students are required to learn along with learning strategies that are effective at producing student learning for the cabin crew job.

Taught by former cabin crew from world’s top international airlines, this course will give you the full knowledge and insight into the aviation industry. You will learn everything related to the cabin crew job. If being a cabin crew is your dream career, this course will take you from zero to a hero, we will prepare you to achieve it.

The air cabin crew of a commercial airline share responsibility for the safety and comfort of its passengers. Duties are:

  • Shall be familiar with standard operating procedure.
  • Should have great knowledge and confidence on how to deal with different in-flight emergencies.
  • Shall be able to deal with abnormal situations that may endanger the safety.
  • Should be familiar with the aircraft types and its features.

  • checking the condition and provision of emergency equipment.

  • demonstrating emergency equipment and safety procedures

  • administering first aid

  • selling duty-free commercial goods and pursuing sales targets

  • Dealing with difficult customers and solving the problems.

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